Private Cellular Networks for enterprises

Optimise and Automate

Simplifying Private Networks

Optimise provides enterprises with the ability to set-up, configure and manage a private cellular network within minutes. Optimise offers a simplified user interface that allows non-specialist staff to carry out a complex task without fear of making mistakes.

Automate allows the services to be activated, modified and deactivated as required by the enterprise. All the enterprise needs to do is physically install the LTE or 5G radio equipment.

Who benefits?

  1. Operations/ Finance – Improved productivity and reduced roaming costs for international users.
  2. Security – Improved security encrypted communications and authentication. No passwords.
  3. Finance/Operations – Secure connectivity for building, manufacturing or sensor systems with no data costs.

Business Challenge:

  1. A high-tech company’s R&D campus was targeted by hackers who compromised security through Wi-Fi
  2. The company needs wireless connectivity but can’t compromise on security

Business Impact

The cyber-attack cost £1m in ransom costs to access locked R&D files

The company believe hackers may have copied their files to pass to a competitor


A 5G private network provides secure connectivity throughout the campus with SIM-based control.