Multi-Purpose Venue Management

Mode Management


Optimise allows multi-purpose venues to create new services and

network configurations for each of their operational modes. These services and configurations can be created, saved and scheduled for deployment. Automate offers a unique feature, Mode Management, which allows a venue to physically reconfigure the network from one pre-defined operational mode to another at the touch of a button. Automate allows the venue to either manually reconfigure to the original mode or even schedule the change at a specified time and date.

Who benefits?

  • Non-operational staff – Improved productivity, improved venue utilisation, greater business agility
  • IT/Operations – Reduced workload, reduced out-of-hours reconfiguration
  • Finance – Improved revenue, lower cost of change (OPEX)

Business Challenge:

  • An indoor multi-purpose venue wants to rapidly change from a basketball arena to an exhibition centre. It currently takes 2 days to reconfigure the venue each way. IT/network is the bottle-neck.

Business Impact

  • The venue charges £25,000 per day. To accommodate Sunday basketball the maximum utilisation as an exhibition venue is 2 days.


  • With Automate the conference sales staff take the booking and set up the Wi-Fi network within 10 minutes without any need to involve IT.