Vertical Markets

Who benefits from Zeetta’s Products?

Zeetta’s products simplify how you design, operate and troubleshoot your network. They reduce the cost of network operations, minimize the time to market for new services and stimulate innovation. They are invaluable tools for network operators and service providers who require:

Flexible Digital Infrastructure

Enable network programmability so that the network can be re-configured quickly in response to changing business needs.

Reduce NetOps Costs

Simplify service creation and management across vendors and technologies so NetOps can be performed more efficiently by non-experts.

Improve efficiency and productivity

Automate mundane maintenance tasks and generate and deploy configurations across all devices based on user-defined service description.

Target industry segments

Zeetta’s network automation products can help any industry with complex IT and connectivity needs. It can help any industry which experiences rapid, dynamic change such as seasonal employment, rush-hours or unexpected periods of connectivity demand.  It can help any industry which has a broad IT footprint, maybe with multiple offices, or mobile sites or multiple technology networks.


Offices, warehouses and retailers are increasingly reliant on technology in our cashless and ticketless society. The concept of “pop-up malls”; flexible working; seasonal workforces and response to market forces means that connectivity, and the digital infrastructure that enables it, is mission critical for modern businesses. Offices and factories need reliable and flexible connectivity to operate.

Smart Venues

Stadiums, arenas, conference centres, shopping malls and leisure centres all have complex connectivity needs. At times of peak demand, the networks need to serve many thousands of people.  Electronic point-of-sale; e-tickets; media broadcast; CCTV and even public Wi-Fi is a complex service mix.  The ability of the network to adjust to ever-changing demand for connectivity is vital for customer satisfaction and revenues.

Smart Cities

At the heart of any Smart City or Community is a complex ecosystem of connectivity and services.

Efficient systems that control traffic can improve economic productivity by reducing time spent travelling.

Effective environmental and pollution monitoring systems can improve health and even help save lives.

Automated operation of these city-wide networks is essential.

Industry 4.0

Communications are at the heart of Industry 4.0. Robots and factory automation require highly secure and reliable broadband wireless communications. Car manufacturers, chemical companies and other industrial firms are taking steps toward creating their own private networks, leapfrogging the traditional Telcos. Private 5G networks are especially useful for industrial applications such as operating robots and driverless vehicles inside factories, which need fast, reliable connections that can perform critical tasks in near real time (ultra-reliable low-latency applications).

Transport and Logistics

Connectivity already has a significant impact on transport and logistics. The migration to 5G will enable new advanced solutions for the industry from drones and autonomous truck convoys to specialised sensors capable of monitoring even individual products in transport. All of this will improve performance, reduce wastage and increase transparency and efficiency.


Private events, such as conferences and tradeshows and public events, such as festivals, demonstrations and concerts are increasingly reliant on connectivity to manage crowds; enable retail; provide safety and enable communication. Organisers, exhibitors and consumers expect high quality connectivity indoors and outdoors in permanent and temporary venues. The ability to provide connectivity to events is essential.