Zeetta Visualise

Get the true picture if your network

Break vendor lock-in and understand the condition of your network with our multi-vendor, multi-technology, multi-site network monitoring.

Zeetta Visualise is the first step in the journey towards network modernisation.

It provides the real view of the network, showing how it is currently configured and proposes ways of how it can be reconfigured to achieve maximum efficiency.

Visualise maintains an up-to-date view of the status of all the connected network devices, their configurations and the associations between them. This allows Visualise to quickly identify network issues which reduce overall network downtime, assist in root cause analysis of problems, discover under-utilised network resources and warn of deterioration in network performance.

Visualise can save you time and resources

Visualise can save you time and resources with its automatic onboarding of network devices, full visibility of the whole network in five different ways, single-pane-of-glass monitoring across multiple vendors and technologies in real-time and integration with NMS and alarm systems. Your IT team can spend more time on creating value for the business than managing the infrastructure.

Product Highlights

Clear and concise

Clear and concise view of the network in five different ways: Facility Plan, Google Map, Network Topology, Network Deviations, Traffic Dashboard

Auto-discovery of network devices

Auto-discovery of network devices including automated host tracking based on user-defined rules

Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring of the network provides accurate and up-to-date view of the devices and their configuration

LAN, WLAN and private LTE/5G networks

Monitor network connectivity across mixed LAN, WLAN and private LTE/5G networks

Multi-vendor support

Multi-vendor support through a variety of southbound drivers that breaks vendor lock-in

Visual representation

Visual representation of mapping between network devices and the connectivity services

Easy integration

Easy integration with third-party NMS or alarm systems through REST APIs

Single source of truth

Single source of truth for connectivity across the entire network

Included with Zeetta Optimise

Included with Zeetta Optimise

Your Benefits

Intuitive user interface

Unlike conventional monitoring tools, Zeetta Visualise provides you with an easy and intuitive user interface to see a comprehensive view of your network topology which does not require expert knowledge

Alerts you about any deviations

Shows you how your network is currently configured and alerts you about any deviations from the expected configuration such as new devices entering the network or lost connectivity due to a faulty or misconfigured device

Locate rogue and faulty devices

Helps you locate rogue and faulty devices, and acts quickly to automatically isolate them before they cause any problem

Insights about the performance

Provides you useful insights about the performance of the network via data collectors of useful metrics

End-to-end connectivity

Gives you the ability to see the end-to-end connectivity regardless of network technology or vendor.

View the service-centric network

It gives you a choice of how to view the service-centric network so you can best support your daily operations

Locates and tracks devices and hosts

Quickly locates and tracks devices and hosts as they move across your network and provides notifications for any changes (e.g. when disconnected)

Removes dependency on vendor-specific tools

Removes dependency on vendor-specific tools and certifications for day-to-day network operations