Zeetta Optimise

Easily manage connectivity across your network

Simplify network operations, eliminate human error and reduce time spend to create and manage network services by up to 90%

Intent-based ‘service-centric’ view

In addition to the features of Zeetta Visualise, Zeetta Optimise can create and manage connectivity services in heterogeneous networks across different technologies, vendors and sites.

Optimise offers a framework of service orchestration that makes creation and consumption of network services easy and efficient.  Through service orchestration, Optimise delivers both control and data plane services in an automatic manner. This is in contrast to the conventional configuration management tools that require tedious, device-by-device human intervention for the provisioning of a service.

Optimise takes an intent-based ‘service-centric’ view of the network and orchestrates services, end-to-end, across all the different technologies and vendors that make up the underlying physical network. This means that Optimise becomes the ultimate arbiter of all the services in the network.

Product Highlights

Includes Visualise

Includes the visualisation features of Zeetta Visualise

Drives network stability

Drives network stability by identifying obsolete configurations and devices and erratic network behaviour

Discovers poor configurations

Discovers, controls and reconfigures expired or poor configurations

Reduces service introduction time

Substantially reduces service introduction time by automating the configuration process

Service configuration wizard

Includes an end-to-end service configuration wizard that eliminates the need configuring network devices one-by-one

Automatic Path Computation

Automatically determines the best path for services across the network using Automatic Path Computation (APC)

Computes configurations automatically

Intermediate configurations automatically computed from service end-points

Supports LAN, Wireless LAN and cellular LTE/5G networks

Create and manage network services across mixed LAN, Wireless LAN and cellular LTE/5G networks

Included with Zeetta Automate

Included with Zeetta Automate

Your Benefits

Analyse current network configuration

In addition to the benefits of Zeetta Visualise, Zeetta Optimise offers the ability to perform an analysis of the current network configuration and remove obsolete or wrong configurations that prevent effective delivery of connectivity in your network

Create multi-technology, multi-vendor and multi-site services

Create multi-technology (LAN, WLAN and private LTE/5G), multi-vendor and multi-site services with minimum human intervention. Notably, more than 70% of network outages are caused by human error

Reduce service creation time by 90%

Reduce service creation time by 90% by using Zeetta’s Automated Path Computation (APC) by defining only the end-points of the service and letting Optimise to identify and configure all the intermediate network nodes automatically

Easily discover legacy configurations

Easily discover and reconfigure or delete expired legacy configurations that create security back-doors, network instability and service failure

Rapidly create and manage services

Rapidly create and manage services in complex enterprise network environments and simplify legacy configuration management to reduce your overall NetOps costs (OPEX)

No requirement for dedicated specialist team

Escape the need to manage services in technology or vendor silos with dedicated specialist teams. Create, implement and optimise services across different technologies, multiple-vendors and multiple sites at a lower cost