Events require efficient and effective connectivity to support organisers, retailers and consumers for both temporary and permanent venues.

NetOS® can help any industry with complex IT and connectivity needs.  The events market is unique in needing highly complex and resilient network services for short periods.

The Events Market

The UK events industry is thriving, worth £42.3bn in 2018 the market is growing at 8% CAGR.

The business events, conferences, tradeshows and exhibitions was worth £19.9bn in 2018.

Bristol Harbour Festival

Zeetta Networks deployed three NetOS Rapide™ to support a unique video streaming service at Bristol Harbour Festival as part of the DCMS – 5G Smart Tourism Extension project in July 2019.

Bristol is a vibrant, busy city, with over 250,000 visitors flooding into the centre for events like the annual Harbour Festival.

However, large festival-style events create huge demand for network connectivity. The emergency services need reliable access to bandwidth for response communications, the city Operations Centre is continuously monitoring traffic CCTV footage, tourists are drawing on the 4G and public Wi-Fi networks, plus businesses need network support for their electronic point of sale systems.

With that level of congestion, networks often start to fail.

Bristol Harbourside Festival 2019

Zeetta Networks led a key DCMS 5G trials and Testbeds project known as the 5G Smart Tourism Extension (5G-STX).

In July 2019 Zeetta Networks and partners used the Bristol Harbour Festival with 250,000 visitors as an innovative live 5G trial to demonstrate the scalability and utility of 5G in major tourist events.

The department of culture media and sport (DCMS) set out challenging targets which the trial comfortably exceeded.

One of the key objectives was to confirm that a sliced 5G network could support the partitioning and protection of network services  in a hyper-congested network.

Zeetta Networks’ NetOS Rapide™ solution

Zeetta Networks and partners developed a festival application that allowed users a unique “on stage” 360º view of the three major stages at the festival.

To support user numbers Zeetta Networks deployed three NetOS Rapides™ to support 18 high capacity Wi-Fi access points that delivered live HD 360º streaming video to 783 concurrent users at over 4Gb/s. Nearly 4,000 individual users tried the service over the two days of the festival.

Against the background of this “hyper-congested” network, Zeetta Networks created two separate network slices for retail and public safety.  Zeetta Networks proved that end-to-end network slicing partioned and protected services using the same infrastructure.