Unlock the power of your network

Intelligent Network Monitoring and Automation for Enterprises and Service Providers

Why Zeetta? Enabling service-centric open networks

Single-pane of glass management of mixed LAN, WLAN and private LTE/5G networks through a multi-domain service orchestration.

Benefits to your business Direct, positive impact to your business

Offers the network agility you need to maximise efficiency, respond faster to market demands and deliver on your business objectives.

Zeetta Visualise Get the true picture of your network

Break vendor lock-in and understand the condition of your network with our multi-vendor, multi-technology, multi-site network monitoring

Zeetta Optimise Easily manage your network connectivity

Simplify network operations, eliminate human error and reduce time spent to create and manage network services by up to 90%

Zeetta Automate Change network configurations on-demand

Respond quickly to the changing needs of your business by altering your network configuration on-demand to meet your objectives.




Network Automation

The ever-increasing complexity of the modern networks demands automation to maintain businesses productivity and competitiveness. However, adoption of network automation is limited by the ‘fear of the unknown’ stemming from possible instability caused by legacy, such as poor configurations and hidden or stranded services which often results in expensive and disruptive transformation projects.

How Zeetta Can Help

Zeetta solves this problem with minimum costs and disruption by following a systematic approach of network modernisation. It starts with the discovery and complete Visualisation of the true condition of your network. After that, the efficiency of the network is Optimised to achieve stability and high-levels of performance. Finally, a resilient network is delivered through Automation of its operations to ‘Unlock the Power of the Network’.

Zeetta’s software products

Simplify and automate network operations

Simplify and automate network operations for a better monitoring, control and management of enterprise networks.

Improve operational efficiency

Allow enterprises and managed service providers to improve operational efficiency in their networks and deliver better experience to their customers.

Policy-driven service assurance

Provide policy-driven service assurance across LAN, WLAN and private LTE/5G networks technologies in multi-vendor environments.

Zeetta Visualise

Standalone monitoring of multi-vendor, multi-technology and multi-site enterprise networks in real-time.

Zeetta Visualise is the first step towards network modernisation. It automatically detects network devices and interconnecting links to build an accurate and true picture of the network across layers (PHY/L2/L3), domains (LAN/WLAN/Cellular) and vendors. It uses a unique, service-centric view of the network to identify how network changes, faults or outages impact connectivity. It also supports real-time host tracking and easy integration with third party NMS and alarm systems to deliver an effective and efficient management of the network.

Zeetta Optimise

Run effective NetOps and optimise the network configuration & connectivity across technologies, vendors and domains.

Zeetta Optimise is the second step towards network modernisation. It is a versatile multi-technology and multi-vendor network controller that simplifies network operations and eliminates human error that cause more than 70% of network outages. Optimise substantially reduces the time spend in creating and managing network services as it automatically computes the optimal path for a service and configures all the necessary network components as required. Most importantly, Optimise knows the state of the network in real time and allows the network operator to make network changes with live data. This beats automated scripting frameworks and removes the need to use network specialists managing the network.

Zeetta Automate

Enable true network automation to make your network reliable and efficient

Zeetta Automate is the final step towards network modernisation. It brings to life the real benefits of software-defined networking (SDN) programmability by simplifying the preparation and deployment of network reconfigurations to drive down the network’s operational costs while increasing business agility. Automate cuts the roll-out costs by scheduling automated network changes and reduces substantially configuration time by applying end-to-end network configuration profiles (‘modes’) using an intuitive graphical user interface.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Zeetta’s network automation products remove network bottlenecks that hinder your business agility
  • Accelerate network modernisation without the pains of traditional transformation
  • Be more agile and competitive – Introduce new business processes faster
  • Automate complex tasks like reconfiguring the network safely and securely and minimize business disruption when introducing new services or modes of operation
  • Optimise the network for best performance to minimize downtime and time to repair
  • Provide users with a managed, service-centric level of assurance across the network
  • Reduce costs by eliminating vendor lock-in
  • Increase technology choice, match the right technology (wired, wireless, optical or cellular) to the application